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The Most Common Trex Deck Problems You Should Know

Trex is a top player in the composite decking industry, and for good reason. They have a wide range of products rated differently, they’re price is reasonable, and they look really good.

However, there are some Trex deck problems that can make your deck building process a hassle, or can create a lack of functionality to your deck, depending on your needs.

In this article, you’ll discover the most common Trex deck problems, and how you can avoid them – if you can.

Trex decking on a set of stairs for a porch

1. Supply-Chain Issues

Lately, Trex has seen some supply-chain issues, and there are high chances that what you’ll buy online won’t get to you in time.

The best way to avoid shipping delays is to buy directly from the shelf. Home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot will carry some boards in their stores.

However, keep in mind that only Trex Enhance is available in-stores. Trex Select and Transcend (the better and best composite boards) are only available on Trex website.

While you can’t really predict how your project will go and if there’ll be any delays, it’s best to have a back-up plan. Other composite decking manufacturers like TimberTech or Fiberon are a great alternative.

2. Trex Decking Cost

Cost is and will remain one of the first concerns of homeowners looking to get a low-maintenance deck. It’s only natural you want to pay a reasonable price for a decking board that will last as long as they’re said to last.

Trex composite decking (and most other composite decking companies, for that matter) have seen an increase in their prices. And although it’s already more expensive than natural wood materials, composite is said to keep getting more and more expensive.

However, their price is still decent, compared to all the maintenance costs you’ll have to invest in a wood deck. Check out the Trex calculator here!

Trex decking problems for a deck near a pool

3. Trex Decking Installation

Although installing Trex decking can seem easy for a professional with the right tools, trying to install composite decking by yourself will most likely result in damaging the boards.

If you want your decking to have a smooth surface, you’ll want to use hidden fasteners. There’s a cool tool that deck builders have and allows them to install your decking without exposing the screws.

But besides hidden fasteners, Trex decking might also need to be cut to fit certain places. The best way to avoid ruining your Trex boards when installing them: let a professional do it.

4. You Can't Refinish Composite

Before you decide on the finish you want for your composite deck boards, know that you can’t refinish composite decking boards. This is more of a composite decking problem, and not necessarily part of the Trex deck problems.

Because of their shape and the way they’re made, you’ll have an extremely hard time trying to refinish some composite boards. They eat a lot of stain and it’s extremely difficult to get a consistent finish across all boards.

Which is why you’ll have to be decisive about your deck color. Consult with a designer and see what would be the best color that’ll complement the rest of your home.

The last thing you want to do is to get a deck that ruins the outdoor vibe of your home.

A slate gray trex decking with furniture on it

5. Limited Color Variations

Talking about colors, one of the Trex deck problems is that the boards come in only a few colors.

For example, the Trex Enhance Naturals Composite Deck Board, the trending composite board these days, comes in two colors only, toasted sand and foggy wharf (that’s a light brown and light gray).

Other popular colors for Trex are saddle and clam shell, another two hues of brown and gray.

Point is, if you’re looking to get a different color for your deck, say a dark green or a dark blue, you can’t find composite decking materials with these colors anywhere on the market.

So, Are Trex Composite Decks Still Worth It?

Without a doubt, yes. 

Although there are some common Trex deck problems that are making homeowners and deck builders alike scratch their heads, Trex remains a really good decking material.

It’s still fairly affordable for a composite brand, it’s still very durable and resistant, and it does have the most popular finishes and colors that homeowners ask for.

Compared to wood decks that need regular maintenance, treatment, and repairs, composite, with all its Trex deck problems, is still a much better choice if you’re looking to get a maintenance-free deck you’ll enjoy more than maintain.

Trex decking with composite railing and posts painted white


Trex deck problems shouldn’t be a major concern if you’re working with a professional deck builder that knows his industry.

At Werner Decks, we’re your local experts in Trex installation. We focus on your needs and preferences, as well as your well-being at all times during your project.

Call us today to discover more about Trex deck problems and find the right solution for your upcoming project! Or request a free quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.