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Why Metal Frames For Decks Are The Best Option

If you’re thinking about starting a deck construction, the first part you’ll have to worry about is the frame.

As a standard, most decks have grade 1 pressure treated lumber for the frame and footings, and even though it’s rated with ground-contact, these can still rot and weaken with time.

The best alternative that’ll make your deck last forever? Metal frames for decks.

Keep reading to discover what’s up with metal frames and why they’re your best option if you want to create a deck that’ll last for as long as you have your property!

A two level deck with a set of stairs and metal frame

What Is A Metal Frame?

Metal frames for decks are a type of frame made of steel or aluminum. A steel deck framing is much stronger and durable than the traditional wood frames, as they’re practically immune to the elements.

One of the main benefits of steel framing is that they’re resistant to termites, insects, water, and fire so you won’t have to worry about these affecting your deck in any circumstance.

Compared to wood frames that will rot and get damaged even with treatment, metal is an incredible alternative.

How Can You Install Metal Frames For Decks?

Most metal frames are actually kits that only need to be pieced together and assembled. There’s no welding involved, but there is a lot of working.

Once you decide on the size of the steel deck framing and you order it, you’ll receive the kit in large boxes. Our deck builders will install the steel framing using the manufacturer’s instructions, and you’ll have the metal frame in place in one to two days’ work.

How Can You Install Metal Frames For Decks?

Metal railings are an important part of any deck, as they provide safety and security for those who use the deck. Unlike traditional wood railings which can rot and decay, metal railings are immune to the elements and will last for years.

In addition, metal railings can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you want a simple design or something more elaborate, our experts can help you create the perfect metal railings for your deck.

Besides, if you’re getting a metal frame for your deck, you’ll want to complement it with a metal railing and some quality deck boards as well. 

Consider composite decking, like Trex decking or TimberTech, and try to avoid the pressure treated wood boards.

Composite decking with metal railing

Why Use A Metal Frame For Your Deck?

There are many reasons why you should use a metal frame for your deck. Here are some of the most important ones:

1. Metal framing is stronger and more durable than wood framing

These are tough and strong materials. The steel material will last years before corrosion starts appearing, and even then, a quick clean-up and treatment will make the material look as new.

2. Metal frames are termite and insect resistant

Termites and other insects prefer wood because they get to eat it. A wooden deck board and a pressure treated lumber frame will always be the first victims of termites. Luckily, metal is not on their menu, so they’ll keep away from it.

3. Metal frames can last longer without rotting or weakening

Because the elements have little to no effect on a metal frame, there won’t be any sign of rotting or weakening.

4. Metal frames are less likely to warp or sag over time

Wood materials are prone to warping and sagging, but not metal. Steel, for example, requires a lot of force of bend, and there is no possible way you’ll have that much weight on your deck enough to bend your metal frame.

5. Metal frames are easier to maintain and keep clean

A pressure wash is enough to remove all the dirt and debris from your metal deck frame, without causing any damage. A damp cloth also works just fine, but it takes more time.

6. You won't have to worry about painting or staining a metal frame

Metal frames require no maintenance. This is one of the biggest benefits of metal frames. While a wood frame will need constant maintenance and attention, you can leave a metal frame out in the rain for years, and it’ll still look like new after a power wash.

8. Metal frames can increase the value of your home

Metal frames are the future. They’re much safer, can hold much more weight on your deck, and simply look better. If you want to boost your property’s value, a deck with a metal frame is a great way to do so.
Metal framing and railing with composite decking

Where Can You Get A Metal Frame For Deck?

The best company that sells metal frames for decks is Fortress Building Products. They’re specialized in metal solutions for your outdoor space, so you can enjoy a long-lasting product without worrying about severe weather conditions or maintenance.

They have a lot of options on their website, with the evolution steel deck framing and the metal railings being the main attraction.

The elevations steel framing system is also a top-seller, so be sure to check that one out.


A steel frame is a next-level upgrade you can get for your outdoor space. These provide increased efficiency, higher durability, and a much safer environment for you and your loved ones.

While Fortress has some of the best metal frames for decks on the market, you can also dig a little deeper and find other companies that sell these.

If you want our help with it, call us so we can discuss every possible solution and option for your deck. We’re experts in deck building and we serve homeowners in Annapolis, Severna Park, Arnold, and other cities in MD.

Get in touch by requesting your free quote or call us today to get your steel framed deck project started!