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Our Top 6 Decking Color Ideas For 2024

If you’re planning to refinish your wood deck and change its color to something more trending and beautiful, you’ll have to make sure you’re choosing the perfect color.

What this means is pretty straightforward. You’ll need a color that complements the rest of your home, your deck, but also your surroundings. Besides these, you’ll need a color that matches your personality and helps you achieve the right state of mind.

In this guide, you’ll discover our top 6 decking color ideas for a wood deck, but also some other tips on how to get the best decking color for your project!

Let’s begin.

An unfinished wood decking

6. Clear

While this is not technically part of the deck paint colors, it’s still a great idea to improve the look of your deck. If you have a natural wood deck, like cedar, keeping your decking surface clean will accentuate the wood grain and make your deck feel rustic and cozy.

To achieve a clear look for your deck you’ll want to apply one or two coats of a sealant. A water-based or oil-based sealant should work fine, as they’ll keep the lighter color visible.

We recommend checking the manufacturers instructions or ask questions about all kinds of sealants in a store, as not all of them will keep the natural beauty of the wood.

For more info about deck sealing, check out our guide on it!

A cedar wood sealed with a clear sealant

5. Greige

Greige is a new and flexible color that meets most of your requests. This color has a great mix of cool and warm vibes, while being super easy to match with the rest of the décor and outdoor space.

Greige is a deck color combination of different shades of gray and beige, being an excellent color for those trying to decide between a lighter or a darker hue of beige or gray.

Greige is a great pick if you’d like a lighter-colored deck that doesn’t get too hot in the summer. This light color also gives additional brightness to covered areas, especially if you have a pergola or a covered deck in your outdoor living space.

Adding rugs and cushions to your greige-colored deck adds to the beauty. The contrast of gray and beige, on the other hand, creates a muted tone that hides dirt effectively.

You’ll find this color for many composite decking boards from Trex or TimberTech.

A composite decking with a "greige" color

4. Chocolate Brown

A warm chocolate brown is perfect if you want to give your deck’s surface a stronger wooden color.

This decking color remains a popular option for homeowners looking to give the wood an even stronger natural appearance.

Chocolate brown has long-lasting properties. This decking color ensures that any mud marks or prints won’t be visible on the surface. However, if you’re going for a deep chocolate brown, this is a darker hue, so expect it to get pretty hot during the summer.

A chocolate brown deck with white plastic chairs

3. Black

Black, is a practical decking color that’s low maintenance and reduces glare.

However, if your deck is not covered, black will absorb heat in open areas, making walking on your deck barefoot a real challenge. A great way to avoid this from happening, use rugs, cushions, or for a more high-end upgrade, install a pergola or a large awning.

Unlike a light colored wood deck, black is not as easy to match as other decking colors, like gray or beige. If you want a black decking surface, you’ll have to consider your outdoor space colors, your deck’s furniture, railings, and also other upgrades.

Use this decking color carefully, as it can really make or break the entire vibe of your outdoor space.

A black composite decking being installed with a wood mallet

2. Light Brown

Light brown for wood deck boards is pretty much the natural look of wood, but kept more subtle. It makes your deck look like it has a coat of honey, giving it a shining look and cozy feel.

When it comes to functionality, light brown works the same as slate gray. It hides dirt marks fairly well, and it doesn’t get too hot in the summer either.

Light brown is easy to match with the rest of your home or other deck colors, especially if you’re going for a rustic look.

A light brown deck with two levels

1. Stale Gray

The slate gray color is one of the most popular wood deck color ideas in recent years. Homeowners love this option because it’s balanced between a warm deck that absorbs enough heat and hides marks well, while at the same time not being too bright and reflecting too much light.

A slate gray stain or paint gives your deck a modern style and feel, ideal for elegant homes and outdoor spaces.

This color works well with both dark and bright color schemes. For example, with lighter-colored walls and trims, it creates a striking contrast, while darker colors make the whole space feel more luxurious. Slate gray can subtly mix with darker wall colors too.

A slate gray decking with white rails


While wooden decks can be refinished and colored in many different hues, with composite decking things are a little different.

Due to its shape and construction, it’s very difficult to refinish composite and paint it, so whatever color you choose when you’re buying it, it’ll have to stick until you decide to replace your composite decking.

At Werner Decks, our expert deck designers can give you the best deck color ideas that’ll complement the rest of your home and outdoor space. We’re offering professional deck building in Annapolis, Severna Park, Arnold, Crofton, Edgewater, and neighboring counties, and we’re looking forward to work on your project.

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