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Deck Repair Cost In Severna Park, MD

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At Werner Decks, our mission is to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations. We understand that excellent quality is essential, and we strive continuously to deliver superior products each time.

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A Deck Repair That'll Boost The Looks And Safety Of Your Outdoors

An outdated, crumbling deck can pose a considerable safety risk for you, your family, and any visitors who use it.

When constructing a new deck isn’t financially feasible, the wisest solution is to find a reliable and pocket-friendly deck repair contractor that won’t try to upsell you or convince you to build a new deck if you don’t truly need to.

When you enlist our assistance at Werner Decks, we’ll be sure to identify precisely what your deck needs in order to make it safe and functional again. We can give you the finest repair plans and take it further by ensuring your deck is safe again. It’s all up to you if you get started with this project today!

If the best solution would be to replace the deck altogether, we’ll be upfront about it and offer you a great deal that no other deck builder in Severna Park will.

Check out our deck repair in Severna Park offer! Have the best deck builders in Maryland work on your project and start enjoying your deck again.

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Typical Deck Repair Cost In Severna Park, MD

The deck repair cost in Severna Park is straightforward yet can vary depending on your deck’s issues.

In general, it’ll depend on how severe the damage is and what repairs are needed.

The standard expense for a wood deck replacement, composite materials, and new railings is approximately $15,000. However, if you choose to resurface the stairs as well, that total cost can rise up to an impressive sum of $20,000.

Let’s examine some of the most frequent deck repairs and how much they’ll cost.

1. Resurfacing A Wood Deck With Composite

Wood decking may require replacement after a certain period of time, and if you’re looking for a more resilient composite material, be ready to part with an estimated $15,000. This figure usually includes tearing apart your existing surface area, purchasing new composite deck materials, and hiring professional installation services.

We’re using medium-to-high-grade TimberTech decking, which costs between $60 and $70 per square foot. We may select a different product depending on your demands and budget.

Many wood materials work well for decks; their average cost per square foot is noted below.

Resurfacing wood decking with composite decking

2. Changing Railing

Years of harsh conditions can take a toll on an aged deck’s wood railings, leaving them looking dull and potentially unsafe. To protect your outdoor space from harm, you must replace the existing railings with new ones.

3. Replacing Posts

We frequently see decks constructed with wood that rots when placed underground. This weakens your deck and creates safety hazards.

Replacing deck posts and constructing concrete footings can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 per post. Your total number of posts depends on the size and configuration of your deck, with individual prices ranging between $100 to $250, dependent upon quality and dimensions.

Deck posts with white railing on a beige home

4. Replacing Stairs

Not only do handrails and wheelchair ramps help those with limited mobility, but they also help stairways meet safety requirements for everyone.

When stairs or handrails become unsteady, urgent action must be taken. Depending on the material used, replacing them can range from a manageable $500 repair to an expensive $2,350 set of new stairs. Don’t let your safety and security become compromised; address any issues with wobbliness immediately!

Pressure-treated wood stairs with railings

5. Other Extra Features

Regularly inspecting your pergola, awning, deck lights, and other outdoor features is essential to keeping them in pristine condition. This holds particularly true for wooden pergolas since their roofs are constantly exposed to the elements.

Wood pergolas, when damaged, can incur hefty repair costs, sometimes skyrocketing up to $2,000. The more serious the damage is, the higher your bill will be.

In comparison, replacing some decking lights is low-cost and may only save you a few hundred dollars.

Wooden pergola on wood decking

Tips To Follow When Budgeting For Your Deck Repair Cost In Severna Park

Navigating the small deck repairs for our clients may be difficult to decipher. While some boards might not present an issue, if there is a rotted and unstable frame, then it’s time to take precautions! When tending to your outdoor space, make sure that safety trumps aesthetics, as you want everyone who enjoys it to remain safe.

Regarding safety, the best things to upgrade are the frame and the railings. For aesthetics, focus on the decking surface.

If you want your ideal outdoor deck to become a reality, it’s important that you start by asking the right questions from your contractor. Doing so will allow them to gain further insight into what exactly you’re seeking and have a greater comprehension of the overall task at hand.

To ensure that any unanticipated complications or unexpected changes don’t strain your wallet, it’s essential to budget with potential issues in mind.

Anticipating potential problems, like materials breaking or insufficient, will help ensure no financial surprises when they arise. Whatever happens, it’s always good to have extra cash aside for your project if something goes wrong.

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