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The Best Deck Repair In Arnold

If you’re looking to bring back to life an outdated outdoor space, look no further!

You just found your local deck repair expert ready to take on your project and bring your deck back to its former glory! We repaired hundreds of decks in and around Arnold, MD, and we got to understand what makes our customers fully satisfied with our work.

At Werner Decks, we’re trained carpenters that know the decking industry inside out. We’re taking care of your project from start to finish, without you worrying about anything. You’ll get high-quality craftsmanship and reliable builders that’ll go above and beyond to see you happy with your deck!

And we’re not stopping here.

Gray slate composite decking with a shack

A Deck Repair That Keeps On Giving

Our complete deck repair service in Arnold is meant to put all your concerns away and help your deck reach its full potential. You’re getting much more than a simple deck repair!

You’ll also receive:

Get A Deck Repair That You Know You Can Trust

Deck repairs are not always one-day projects. Many of the decks we inspected had their frames and posts rotten so bad that they were about to fall at the slightest push.

These are decks that can’t be repaired without undergoing an extensive project. If you want your deck to be 100% functional and safe, you’ll need to replace the frame and posts altogether.

Sometimes, however, the deck frame and posts are in a good state, but the beauty of the deck is not what it used to be. In that case, our customers decide to replace their wood decking with low-maintenance composite decking that lasts longer and doesn’t need constant staining or sealing.

At Werner Decks, our main goal when repairing a deck is to make it safe for you and your family. After a thorough inspection, we’ll be blunt and tell you exactly what your deck needs. It’s up to you if you want to make your deck safe for your family, or just want to make it look better.

Check out our deck repair service in Arnold! Get the best deck builders in town for your project and have the reassurance of a quality and safe deck.

Our Customers Love Their Werner Decks Repairs

With over hundreds of decks built and repaired, you can be certain we know what a complete repair looks like. After all, that’s why our customers love us. Check out what your neighbors say about working with us!

Good quality work Reasonable pricing and Honest people

Lenny Anderson

Problem solver, capable and honest. Very responsive and polite.

Marcos Souza

Great professional stance, immense knowledge, very resourceful. The best in the business.

Sheree Bosch Bjornerud

Types Of Deck Repair and Upgrades

When it comes to deck repair in Arnold, Maryland, our customers have a lot of upgrade options. At your on-site consultation, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of all the upgrades and repairs you can get.

Below are the most common repairs and upgrades you can get for your deck in Arnold, MD.

Composite Decking

While for younger homeowners staining, sealing, and pressure washing their deck can be relaxing, older homeowners would rather have someone else do it.

Very often we’ve had older customers that simply couldn’t maintain their wood deck any longer. It became a matter of too much effort and money. We told them about low-maintenance composite decking and they were thrilled to learn more about it and even try it out.

Composite is a much better alternative to wood decks. They last longer, don’t require ongoing maintenance, and you’ll save money on stains and sealers so you can invest elsewhere in your home. We work with TimberTech and Trex decking, but we can adapt and work with your preferred material as well.

Composite decking installation

Metal Railing

Along with the wood decking, the wood rail is also prone to rot or insect damage that will weaken the stability of the railing.

Our deck repair projects consist in either refinishing a wood rail to look a little better or will mean replacing it altogether with a more durable and resistant material.

Metal railing, like aluminum or wrought iron railing, is increasing in popularity, as more homeowners value their safety and know how dangerous an unreliable wood railing can be.

Composite railing is another viable option, but when you realize the price of a good composite railing is similar to that of a good aluminum railing, we’re sure you’d pick the aluminum.

Composite decking with aluminum railing
Contractor repairing metal railing

Deck Frame

The most serious issues with older decks come from their frame. Back in the day, deck posts were placed directly in the ground and the lumber was poorly treated against the elements.
This caused the posts to rot at a faster rate, and the frame to be wobbly and dangerous at every step.

Lately, we’re seeing a lot of homeowners choosing metal frames for their outdoor space. These are extremely durable and will resist even the harshest weather conditions. Fortress Building Products make excellent deck metal frame kits that are easy to install and highly reliable.

For a more budget-friendly alternative, Grade 1 pressure-treated lumber is still a decent option that will guarantee your deck is safe for the next few years.

Metal deck framing

Deck Footings

Most older decks had wood posts installed directly in the ground. This meant the wood was the first victim of rot, termites, and wood worms.

Since then, things changed, and even the law doesn’t allow wood posts to be buried directly in the ground.

Some of the better alternatives are concrete deck blocks, concrete footings, or other methods like the helical pier.

Concrete deck footings with gravel
Metal footings and deck frame

Other Upgrades

Your Deck Repair Can Turn Out Like These!

Our finished projects are a clear display of our craftsmanship and dedication. We’re giving 100% on every deck because we know how important these additions are. If you’re curious as to what your deck can turn out like, check out this gallery!

Deck Repair In Arnold Couldn't Get Any Easier

Starting any home improvement project is not always as straightforward and easy as we’re hoping. We made this process with your comfort and well-being in mind. You’ll be kept in the loop at all times, and you’ll have full control over your project!


Contact us and we’ll schedule an in-depth inspection for your deck.


Sit back and relax while we’ll get your deck fixed and upgraded!


Start spending time on your safe deck again! Your project is finished!

Frequently Asked Questions

If your deck starts showing a bit of wear and tear but still feels sturdy, minor repairs like a new coat of stain or several boards replaced will definitely improve its looks.

If the actual problem is with its wood posts or framing, your deck’s structural integrity is compromised and will be a safety hazard. In this case, rebuilding your deck altogether is recommended.

After our on-site consultation and our inspection, we’ll be honest about what your deck truly needs. Then, it’s up to you if you want it to look good, or be safe and look great.

The deck repair cost in Arnold varies depending on the extent of the damage.

For example, repairing worn-out and damaged stairs may only cost about $5k while replacing an entire 12×12 wood deck will cost around $14k. Any extra upgrades, like adding a pergola or built-in furniture, will drive the cost up.

Once we assess your deck’s condition, we’ll be able to give you an accurate time estimate.

At Werner Decks, we approach deck repairs with the same speed and efficiency we do for deck building. The goal of the repair is to make sure your deck is safe and fully functional, so we’re okay with sacrificing a few more hours to make sure of that.

Depending on your local government’s rules, you may need a permit for structural repairs or if we plan to change the layout of your deck. Obtaining these can be tricky, but don’t worry–we’ll take care of it! We have experience with the paperwork and know how to get all the permits needed for your project.

A yellow screw driver on wood decking boards

It's Time To Regain Trust In Your Deck

If whenever you step on your deck you’re hearing squeaks and you feel it moving, that’s a clear sign your deck is not as reliable as it used to be.

At Werner Decks, we know everything that can go wrong with a deck, and we know how to avoid that from happening.

If you’re looking to regain trust in your deck and you want the best deck builders in town to help you achieve that, you’re in the right place!

With us, you’ll get:

Get Your Deck To Feel Safe And Look Great Again!

Request a free quote and let’s discuss your upcoming deck repair in Arnold, MD! Or talk directly with us at (443) 926-6996 and see if we’re the right fit.