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The Best Deck Repair In Annapolis MD

If you’re looking to bring back to life an outdated outdoor space, look no further than our superior deck repair in Annapolis MD!

With Werner Decks, you’re getting a professional team of carpenters and deck builders that know the decking industry inside out. You’ll get an advanced and thorough inspection of your existing deck to make sure you’re getting the most efficient fixes.

We’re proud to be headquartered in Annapolis, and we’re proud to have served and improved the backyards of dozens of homeowners in our hometown since day one.

A deck repair in Annapolis MD with black decking being installed with a wood mallet and fasteners

Get Yourself A Deck Repair That Puts You First

At the end of the day, a deck repair is all about making you feel safe on your deck again. But that doesn’t mean other aspects of your project should remain unattended.

At Werner Decks, we leave nothing behind, so you’ll also get:

A Trustworthy Repair - From Your Trustworthy Deck Builders

Our goal is to raise the deck repair standards and offer a complete service that puts to shame any other contractor in Annapolis.

With us, you’re getting an in-depth inspection where we determine the most pressing issues with your existing deck. We’ll come up with the most efficient solution, but we’ll also let you in on some of our extra thoughts.

Older decks, for example, come with serious issues that put your life at risk every time you step on its surface. While a quick deck repair can postpone building a new one for another few years, it’s not always as advantageous as you’d think. Sometimes, it simply makes more sense to build a brand new deck and make a real investment!

Be sure to check out our deck repair and deck building offers! Get a free quote from the best deck builders in Annapolis MD and start your project now!

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Types Of Upgrades And Deck Repairs

You have a lot of upgrade options for your deck repair in Annapolis MD. We’ll consult you and find the most cost-effective solution that serves you best. Anything from several boards replaced to a whole new decking is possible, and there shouldn’t be any limit when it comes to your safety.

Let’s see some popular upgrades:

Composite Decking

While for younger homeowners staining, sealing, and pressure washing their deck can be relaxing and therapeutic, older homeowners find it a hassle and would rather have someone else do it for them.

Many of the homeowners we helped already had a wood deck, but they simply couldn’t maintain it any longer. Maintenance costs start piling up, time is short, and the effort becomes unbearable.

We presented them the opportunity to replace their pressure treated or cedar wood decks with composite, a low maintenance decking material. It lasts longer, doesn’t require on-going maintenance, and you’ll save money on stains and sealers so you can invest elsewhere in your home.

Some of the best brands we work with are TimberTech, Trex, and Fiberon composite decking.

Metal Railing

Wood rails, like wood posts and wood decking, are also prone to rot or insect damage that will weaken the stability of the entire structure.

In most of our deck repair projects, we’re replacing the decking, but the railings are also getting some of our attention. We’re either refinishing a wood rail and strengthening it with new screws and brackets to look and hold better, or we’ll replace them altogether with metal railings.

We’re big fans of Westbury Aluminum Railings, the best metal railing on the market these days. More and more homeowners begin to see the real value they bring. Their safety, durability, strength, and aesthetic appearance are undeniably superior to those of wood rails.

Metal railing with white balustrade

Deck Frame

The most serious issues with older decks come from their frame. Back in the days, deck posts were placed directly in the ground and the lumber was poorly treated against the elements.

This caused the posts to rot at a faster rate, so the structure itself was becoming less reliable way quicker.

Lately, we’re seeing a lot of homeowners choosing metal frames for their outdoor space. These are extremely durable and will resist even the harshest weather conditions. Fortress Building Products offer some of the best steel frames on the market, but they do come with a heftier price tag.

A freestanding deck frame on a patch of grass

Deck Footings

Most older decks had wood posts installed directly in the ground. This meant the wood was the first victim of rot, termites, and wood worms.

Since then, things changed, and even the law doesn’t allow wood posts to be buried directly in the ground.

Some of the better alternatives are concrete deck blocks, concrete footings, or other methods like the helical pier.

Concrete deck blocks with a piece of wood
Concrete deck footings with gravel

Other Upgrades

Here's What Your Deck Can Look Like!

Check out our finished deck building projects in MD! These homeowners got their dream decks in the shortest time possible, and you can get yours too!

Deck Repair In Annapolis MD Couldn't Get Any Easier

Go through a process that focuses on your well-being at all times during your project. It’s simple, quick, intuitive, and gets you the best results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No two decks are alike, so the pricing of one can be completely different than the next.

Fixing several loose boards or faded paint will cost a lot less than replacing wood posts or installing new footings. The size is also a significant price factor, as well as upgrades such as adding built-in lighting.

After we’ve identified all the issues and created a solid repair plan, you’ll receive an offer and an exact quote based on your deck’s needs.

Our approach to deck repair focuses on getting it done right, and not necessarily quick. Most of our deck repairing projects will start and finish on the same day, but there are some more complex projects that require more time and attention.

After our inspection, we’ll tell you exactly how long your repair is going to take.

Yes! We’re Werner and Wilson, father and son, both licensed, insured, and ready to give you an excellent deck repair that comes with zero hassle.

As passionate craftsmen, we bring together decades of craftsmanship and the promise of a high-quality service for your home. We only work with like minded professionals, so our values remain consistent throughout our company.

A wood deck stained with white railings in a backyard

It's Time To Regain Trust In Your Deck

If whenever you step on your deck you’re hearing squeaks and you feel it moving, that’s a clear sign your deck is not as reliable as it used to be and you need to take action.

At Werner Decks, we know everything that can go wrong with a deck, and we have the perfect solutions to avoid that from happening with your space.

If you’re looking to regain trust in your deck and you want the best deck builders in town to help you achieve that, you’re in the right place!

With us, you’ll get:

Get Your Deck To Feel Safe And Look Great Again!

Request a free quote and let’s discuss your upcoming deck repair in Annapolis MD! Or talk directly with me at (443) 926-6996 and see if we’re the right fit.