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How Much Are Deck Building Permits In MD?

If you’re thinking about adding a new deck to your home in Maryland, the building permit cost is yet another thing you need to consider.

While the average price for deck building permits in MD typically ranges between $50 and $150, their final cost can vary.

This article will provide insights into these costs, factors that may influence them, and how using a contractor that takes care of the permits for you is always better.

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Average Cost of Deck Building Permits

Don’t expect to pay a lot of a deck building permit, especially if you’re getting a standard deck that doesn’t have some unique particularity.

$50 to $150 For Standard Deck Permits

In Maryland, the price tag for standard deck permits typically ranges from $50 to $150.

This cost is usually influenced by the size of your planned deck, with larger decks commanding higher fees due to increased inspection time needed.

It’s essential to budget this expense into your total project costs to avoid any financial surprises during construction. Costs can also rise if you’re planning additions like railings or built-in seating, which require additional scrutiny during inspection stages.

Higher Cost For Covered Deck Permits

Covered deck permits typically come with a higher cost. This is primarily due to the complexity of these structures and the additional safety factors they involve.

Numerous local authorities charge more for these permits, as covered decks often require more thorough inspections and adherence to stricter building standards.

Deck owners must consider this extra expense when planning their budget. It’s not just the cost of materials and labor that make up your overall price tag; you also need to factor in the costs associated with obtaining necessary permissions from local municipal bodies.

A covered deck permit can be an important part of your project’s total cost.

Factors That May Affect The Cost

  • The size of your deck plays a significant role in determining the cost of building permits in Maryland. In most cases, larger decks require more comprehensive plans and inspections, leading to higher permitting fees.
  • You may also face increased costs if your property is located within a special zoning area or if you plan any unique features for your decks, like built-in seating or multiple levels.
  • Deck location can also impact the total permit cost. Decks close to property lines could need additional reviews to ensure they comply with local code restrictions, increasing time and costs associated with obtaining approval.
  • Interestingly, adding electricity or plumbing onto the deck will generally increase these fees even more due to additional safety measures required by regulatory bodies.
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Working With Someone Who Gets The Permits For You

A deck builder who takes care of all the paperwork for you streamlines the process of getting a new deck, but it also saves you a lot of back and forth with the city’s building department.

Benefits of Having Someone Apply For Permits

A contractor that applies and gets the building permits for you gives you several distinct advantages.

  • It simplifies the application process of obtaining deck building permits.
  • Experts guide you through all the paperwork, minimizing potential mistakes.
    It saves time as they know the process and have contacts within the permit office.
  • They understand the specific requirements for deck permits in Maryland, reducing guesswork.
  • A good contractor expedites approval times because they know the local building codes.
  • They carry liability if any issues arise during the permit procurement process.
  • Homeowners receive the cost of building permits upfront, avoiding unexpected fees later on.
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Other Information on Deck Building Permits in MD

Let’s look at some other information about deck building permits in Anne Arundel County Maryland.

When are permits needed?

Building a new deck or significant alterations to an existing one in Maryland mandates the presence of a permit. Deck-building permits are required when dealing with ground-level decks, floating decks, or any deck over 30 inches above grade.

It’s also necessary to have a permit if your deck will be attached directly to your house. Ensuring you obtain the right permits will help maintain compatibility with local zoning laws and guarantee safety standards for construction are met.

Types of permits for deck building

Several types of deck building permits exist in Maryland.

  • First, we have a simple residential permit, which is necessary for homeowners planning to construct a new deck.
  • Another kind is the commercial permit, which is required when constructing decks for buildings like restaurants or office spaces.
  • Then, there’s an alteration permit required if you’re looking to make significant changes to your existing deck structure.
  • You might also need a demolition permit in case you are removing an old deck before building a new one.
  • Lastly, special permits may be required depending on county regulations, site location or the size of your proposed deck.

Be sure to identify which type applies to your project before starting any work on your outdoor space.

How to obtain a permit

Applying for deck building permits in Maryland is a straightforward process. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Define your project: Know the size, location, and type of deck you plan to build.
  2. Draw a site plan: Create a detailed representation of your property highlighting where you want your deck.
  3. Complete the application: Fill out the necessary permit application forms with accurate details about your project.
  4. Submit your application: Take your application with all supporting documents to the Department of Permitting Services.
  5. Pay for the permit: The cost of building permits can vary based on factors like deck size and complexity.
  6. Wait for approval: The department will review your application and approve it if everything is in order.
  7. Begin construction: Once approved, start building your dream deck!

Residential vs. commercial permits

Deck building permits vary between residential and commercial properties. Residential deck permits often cost less than commercial deck permits because they are typically smaller and less complex.

Type of Permit Average Cost Requirements
Residential Deck Permit $50 - $150 Residential property where the deck will be attached to the main house. Requires details about the structure and materials of the proposed deck. Limited to a maximum size.
Commercial Deck Permit $200 - $500+ Commercial property where the deck is planned, like a restaurant or office building. Requires more detailed plans, and may involve additional safety standards and inspections due to public usage.
Remember, these costs are only estimates and the actual cost may vary depending on your county or city regulations, the size and complexity of your deck, and other factors. Always consult your local building department for accurate information.
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