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Deck Building Cost In Severna Park, MD

The deck building cost in Severna Park is a critical factor that forces many customers to abandon or never begin their projects.

At Werner Decks, we understand that projects can often be expensive and financially burdensome. That’s why we strive to offer you cost-effective decking solutions at an unbeatable price – a price no other deck builder in Severna Park can match!

We’ve been the go-to deck builder in the area since 2016. We’ve finished hundreds of projects that exceeded our customer’s expectations and brought them a long-lasting deck that still survives the endless test of time.

A ground-level wood deck with built-in furniture

Make A Real Investment Out Of Your Deck Addition With Us!

Our esteemed deck-building services are changing the standard of excellence in Severna Park, MD. We strive to provide homeowners with a complete and beautiful deck building experience that remains unrivaled!

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Stop Overpaying For Your Deck!

We keep seeing homeowners paying enormous amounts of money for a deck that shouldn’t cost nearly as much! To us, it’s clear that many deck builders are overcharging and delivering a deck that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

With Werner Decks, you’re paying a fair price for a superior product that’ll quickly pay off.

According to the most recent Cost Vs. Value Report, a wood deck will net you over 50% ROI, but what would you say if we can make the return even higher?

Recoup more money from your deck building in Severna Park by getting a high-quality deck and working with a professional builder who knows how to make an investment out of your deck!

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Typical Deck Building Cost In Severna Park, MD

Below you can see some quick estimates on different grades of decks. We build all of these with a great sense of responsibility, so expect the highest standards, no matter the project.

Size Square Feet Average Cost
Small Deck 200 square feet $15k
Medium Deck 600 square feet $25k
Large Deck 1,000 square feet $45k

Labor Costs For Your Deck Building In Severna Park

The labor cost will likely account for at least 50% of the total project. However, you’ll know it’ll be worth it when your deck starts looking like the ones you’re seeing in remodeling magazines!

Let’s see who you’ll have to work with to get your deck-building project up.


The architect is the expert who ensures that your deck design does not harm the function or safety of your deck. It’s the individual who will focus on safety and usefulness, with no involvement in your deck’s appearance.

Good architects charge between $125 to $250 per hour.

Deck Designer

The deck designer must make sure that the design not only looks great but functions well too. Once you have decided on a style, they will help you choose materials and colors that complement your home.

A top-ranked deck designer charges between $100-$200 an hour. Expect to pay for about 3 – 4 hours for a project.

Get All-In-One From Werner Decks In Severna Park

The deck builders are your partners in creating the perfect outdoor oasis. With their expertise and experience, they’ll make sure every detail will be addressed with precision and care for a stunning end result!

Professional deck builders in Severna Park are typically priced between $30 and $35 per hour. The average rate is closer to $25 an hour, while newcomers usually charge around $15 hourly.

We put some of the best designers, architects, and builders at your disposal! You won’t need to search around for anyone else as we’ll handle everything from start to finish – providing an all-inclusive solution when constructing your ideal deck.

Your Neighbors Are In Love With Their Upgraded Deck!

Check out what other homeowners are saying about their new, repaired decks!
Good quality work Reasonable pricing and Honest people

Lenny Anderson

Problem solver, capable and honest. Very responsive and polite.

Marcos Souza

Great professional stance, immense knowledge, very resourceful. The best in the business.

Sheree Bosch Bjornerud

Materials Cost In Relation To Deck Size

There are two main types of decks: wood decks and composite decks.

Pressure-treated wood decking

Wood Decks

Homeowners are consistently drawn to wooden decks as their first outdoor decking choice due not only to the affordability of the material but also its natural beauty. 

Enjoy all that nature has to offer with a stylish and unique wooden deck!

Composite decking

Composite Decks

For a variety of reasons, composite decking quickly emerged as the go-to option for homeowners looking for low-maintenance and long-lasting solutions. 

We often replace wood decks with composites due to their superior longevity!

Wood Decks

Yellow pine, or pressure-treated wood, has earned its popularity as a decking material due to its affordability and reusability. Not only is it highly economical in the short term, but you can refinish it to make it look better when it starts showing wear and tear.

Material Square Feet Installed Average Total Cost
Pressure Treated Wood 100 square feet $3,500 to $5,000
Pressure Treated Wood 200 square feet $7,000 to $10,000
Pressure Treated Wood 400 square feet $12,000 to $15,000
Pressure Treated Wood 600 square feet $18,000 to $25,000
Pressure Treated Wood 800 square feet $24,000 to $28,00
Pressure Treated Wood 1,000 square feet $28,000 to $35,000

Pressure-treated wood may be the most delicate decking material available and is prone to water damage, rotting, and decay over time—even with constant treatments.

We’d recommend hardwoods like Ipe, Tigerwood, mahogany, or teak if you really want a wood deck. Although pricier upfront, they will last much longer and prove to be a better investment in the long run.

Wood decking around a large pool

Composite Decks

We’re big fans of TimberTech and Trex composite decking for many reasons.

TimberTech can meet the majority of your demands, so you won’t go wrong with them. The average cost is between $60 and $70 per square foot. Trex, on the other side, is a bit cheaper, but it has similar quality.

Composite decking with composite railing on a home with large glass doors


For all elevated decks, railings are mandatory.

Metal railing on beige composite decking

Deck Frame Costs

There are three main things we’ll include here: deck blocks or footings, posts, and the frame itself.

Pressure-treated deck with wood railing and outdoor furniture

Extra Features

Ignite a spark of luxury on your deck with features like integrated lighting, exterior audio systems, and digital screens.

Not only will they transform your deck, but they will also amp up its aesthetic appeal to look more lavish. These additional refinements truly make your outdoor space unique compared to others in the neighborhood.

Accessories and other features are not necessary to have, but they make life much more convenient. For example, shade can be used to escape the harsh sun, or anti-slip boards help prevent falls on a pool deck.

Let’s look at some of the most common upgrades.

Upgrade Average Cost
Awning Between $1,200 and $4,000
Pergola Between $2,500 and $10,000
Drinking Rail As low as $100, but depends on railing material
Deck built-in bench Between $2,000 and $3,000
Deck lighting Between $40 to $300

Budgeting For A Deck Building In Severna Park

At Werner Decks, we’ve built decks for as low as $10k and as high as $72k.

You can trust that we will optimize every penny of your budget, offering tailored advice and solutions to ensure you get the most out of your budget. Not only this, but you’ll always be aware of where each cent is going.

Investing in a deck for your home can be costly, yet the rewards you’ll reap will be completely worth it. At Werner Decks, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your deck building cost in Severna Park!

PVC decking in a brownish color

Get Your Ideal Deck With Werner Decks Severna Park

Everyone understands the importance of seeking out a quality contractor for any project. It’s the key to success and avoiding stress.

We developed a straightforward and stress-free approach that provides you with full authority over your project from start to end. With us, you can rest assured knowing precisely what is happening in your outdoor space at all times.

Get our professional carpenters to work on your new deck in Severna Park, MD, and ensure your outdoor space is nothing short of impressive!

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