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Deck Building In Annapolis Neck, MD

Enhance your outdoor space entertainment possibilities with a new deck!

Adding a deck to your outdoor space enhances your home’s value and creates a space for endless entertainment. It’s perfect for hosting family gatherings, enjoying a barbecue, cozying up to a fire, or cheering on your favorite team when the game is on. At Werner Decks, we specialize in providing a stress-free deck-building experience. Whether you prefer a low-maintenance composite deck or a stunning cedar deck, you’ll have access to the best decking materials in Annapolis Neck. If you’re ready to enhance your outdoor experience with a professional touch, we may be the perfect fit for you!


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Werner and Wilson Velazquez – owners of Werner Decks

Hi, we’re Werner and Wilson, father and son. We founded Werner Decks in 2016 to help our community with a simple, high-quality deck building and restoration service. Six years later, we still believe in our goal and ability to positively impact the safety and comfort of our customers right here in Maryland.

Composite decking with composite railing on a home with large glass doors

Enhance Your Outdoors With A New Deck Built Easy

We fully understand your concerns about the deck’s costs, timelines, craftsmanship, and guarantees That’s precisely why we’re so transparent with our process, so you can enjoy a streamlined and smooth upgrade.

How Do You Want Yours To Look Like?

Browse through some of the most beautiful decks we’ve built here in Maryland and see which one do you think will most likely suit your needs.

Got questions about your upcoming decking project? We’re here to help! Contact us by phone at (443) 926-6996 or send a message. We’ll get back to you within one business day!

Average Deck Building Cost In Annapolis Neck, MD

Average Deck Building Cost In Annapolis Neck, MD
Many of our clients choose to get a low-maintenance deck these days, but cedar and pressure-treated decks are still very popular. Their only disadvantage is that in the humid environment here in Maryland, these decks need a lot of maintenance.

A 12×12 cedar deck usually costs around $18k, and a 20×12 composite deck with aluminum railings, fascia wrapping, and stairs would amount to approximately $25k.

What influences deck building costs:

raised deck with view

Composite Decking Cost

The average cost of composite decking ranges from $25 to $45 per square foot, but its benefits are well worthwhile. The most important thing to note is that with wood decks, you’ll spend between $2k to $3k for sealing, staining, and repairs once every 2 – 3 years, but with composite, you’ll spend nothing on maintaining your deck!

For Trex composite decking:

Type Cost/linear ft.
Transcend $4.15 - $4.50
Select Earth Tones $2.65 - $3.10
Enhance Naturals $2.05 - $2.50
Enhance Basics $1.85 - $2.20

Or use their Trex decking calculator.

For TimberTech composite decking:

Type Cost/linear ft. Cost/square ft.
Edge Prime $2.40 $5.70 - $6.50
Edge Premier $3.10-$3.25 $6.85-$7.50
Pro Terrain $3.35-$4.05 $8.75 $9.35
Pro Tropical $4.90 $5.35 $11.15-$12.00
Pro Legacy $5.80 $6.35 $12.35-$13.50

Average Wood Deck Building Costs Per Square Foot

Decking Type Installed Price (USD)
Pressure-treated pine $21.00 - $24.00
Bamboo $27.00 - $30.00
Cedar $34.00 - $39.00
Composite $40.00 - $42.00
Redwood $45.00 - $49.00
Cumaru $46.00 - $50.00
Massaranduba $49.00 - $52.00
Garapa $45.00 - $49.00
Tigerwood $53.00 - $57.00
Ipe $64.00 - $68.00
Teak $67.00 - $70.00

At Werner Decks, we value your time and investment, striving to create a partnership that is both seamless and convenient. Our ultimate objective is to provide you with a remarkable deck that surpasses your expectations.

Wood decking around a large pool

Composite Vs. Wood Deck

Composite Pros Wood Pros
Color Options: Composite decks come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, providing more design flexibility. Natural Aesthetics: Wood has a classic, natural appearance that many people find appealing.
Low Maintenance: Composite decking requires minimal maintenance. It doesn't need to be stained, painted, or sealed, and it resists fading, staining, and mold. Initial Cost: Wood is often less expensive upfront than composite decking materials.
Durability: It is generally more resistant to rot, decay, and insects compared to wood. Cooler Temperature: Wood generally stays cooler in direct sunlight compared to some composite materials.
Longevity: Composite decking tends to have a longer lifespan than wood. Repairability: Damaged or worn wood can often be repaired more easily than composite materials.
Environmentally Friendly: Some composite decking materials are made from recycled or sustainable materials.
Cedar wood deck with stairs and no railing

We're Taking Care Of Everything For You!

When homeowners embark on home improvement projects, two primary concerns often dominate their thoughts.
Don’t worry about the cost of deck construction, whether it’s as low as $10k or as high as $70k+. We have the skills and knowledge to create a deck that fits your budget, no matter how big or small it is. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect deck for your home without straining your finances.

We highly appreciate your time and ours, which is why we are dedicated to minimizing inefficiencies at the job site. Our top priority is to ensure that your project is completed within the agreed-upon timeline, allowing you to enjoy your new deck while we assist the next homeowner.

Discover Our Deck Building Projects for Inspiration

Deck Building In 3 Simple Steps

Experience the excitement of our enhanced deck-building process. Building a deck in Annapolis Neck has never been more effortless, all thanks to our devoted team of experts who prioritize your requirements above everything else.


Get in touch with us, share your vision, and we’ll develop a spectacular design for your new deck.


Once all the details are determined, we start working. You’ll have full project control throughout.


Your new deck is up and running! Enjoy a beautiful outdoor space and schedule your next barbecue!

Frequently Asked Questions

Constructing a deck presents a splendid opportunity to enhance both the aesthetics and value of your home. According to Remodeling Magazine, should you decide to sell your property, you can recoup approximately 35% of the deck’s cost. However, even if you’ve already found your forever home, a deck remains an exceptional investment. It provides you and your loved ones with additional space to connect, indulge in nature, and escape from the outside world. Such an investment is always wise, offering both practicality and tranquility.
At Werner Decks, our mission is to deliver fully functional decks with the utmost efficiency, driven by our passion. We take immense pride in our ability to complete most deck projects in less than a week, boasting an impressive average build time of just 5 days after demolition. It is important to note that project timelines may vary depending on specific requirements or custom upgrades. However, please rest assured that our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the highest quality and efficiency throughout the entire process.

The costs involved in building a deck in Annapolis Neck, MD, can vary depending on several factors. For example, a ground-level cedar deck measuring 12’x12′ with a simple design might cost approximately $18,000. Conversely, a composite deck provides a wider selection of decking and railing materials, offering more customization options.

If you’re thinking about adding a second-story deck, our team can transform your vision into a reality. With a starting price of around $28,000 for a 20’x12′ composite deck, we’ll work closely with you to create the perfect plan that aligns with your needs and budget. Let us bring your dream deck to life!

You will be provided with a dedicated team fully committed to your project’s success. With their flexible schedule, they approach each decking project with meticulous attention to detail and efficient workmanship. Their expertise in custom carpentry ensures that your project will be completed promptly and with exceptional craftsmanship.
A ground-level wood deck with built-in furniture

Get Your High-Quality Deck Built By A Pro In Annapolis Neck

Elevate your outdoor experience with a meticulously designed deck in Annapolis Neck, MD. Discover the unparalleled artistry that not only enhances the value of your property but also cultivates an enchanting atmosphere for hosting and entertaining your esteemed guests.

Connect with us today at (443) 926-6996 to discuss your new deck-building project and bring your vision to life!

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Annapolis Neck, located in Maryland, is a picturesque and historically rich peninsula that extends into the Chesapeake Bay. This charming area is renowned for its maritime heritage and serves as the gateway to the capital city of Annapolis. One of the notable landmarks on Annapolis Neck is the United States Naval Academy, a prestigious institution that has been training future Navy and Marine Corps officers since 1845. The academy’s stunning campus boasts architectural gems like Bancroft Hall and the Chapel, making it a prominent feature of the landscape. Another highlight is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, a vital transportation link connecting Maryland’s eastern and western shores. Annapolis Neck is also home to idyllic waterfront communities, scenic parks like Quiet Waters Park, and the historic Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse, which stands as a testament to the region’s seafaring legacy.